Monday, October 1, 2012

Monster High Monday

Today is the first instalment of Monster High Mondays!

so excited and today you will be meeting all of my Monster High Ghouls!

I'm going to start with one of my first dolls Lagoona Blue
This is Lagoona Blue one of my FAVE dolls
I LOVE LOVE LOVVVE her freckles and her green eyes she is just a really beautiful!
I also have Lagoona's Diary and just for you Hay Doll readers you get to see the first entry in her diary!

Now for my second first doll Draculaura
(I got Lagoona & Draculaura on the same day)
I have the bedtime Draculaura doll she is really cute I really like her short pigtails and everything she has is PINK!
and I love the little heart on her face it is so adorable!
I like her slippers too they look like tiny monsters!

Next I have Ghoulia Yelps
she has an awesome outfit and her shoes are super cute
she has cute zipper earings and fashionable glasses with ruby red lipstick
and one more special for Hay Doll readers go to and enter this code for extras on the site!

Next we have Frankie Stein
This Frankie Stein is the sweet 1600 birthday doll she is super cute and really shines

I love how each eye is a different color and all of the stiches are just to cute

The final doll is Draculaura (sweet 1600)
she come with a birthday cake and a really cute outfit and even a little tiara
the little heart on her face says 1600 in my opinion she is not as cute as my other Draculaura doll
Thanks for reading se ya next monday on Monster High Mondays!

You're never to old for something you love.

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