Saturday, October 6, 2012

Mini American Girl house tour

Today you get to see a tour of my mini american girl house

Ok so this should have been up on monday but I ran out of time and then the rest of the week just got away from me so… here it is today and I hope you like it! I got the idea from Doll Diaries I just made it differently it is made out of an american girl box so it has a bedroom and a bathroom and I might add a second floor if I get another mini doll.

I'm going to start with the bedroom

I made the bed the same way doll diaries did but I used normal fabric instead of felt

this is a little cabinet I made I can't explain how I made it but it's made of part of the top box and has bead doorknobs

this is the bedside table I made out of clay
and the lamp that sits on the table is also made of clay

now a tour of the bathroom

the tub I got at a garage sale and it fits mini american girl dolls perfectly!

I made the mirror out of the front of the mini box and tin foil

and finally, I made the sink out of the last part of the box it has cabinets that open with bead doorknobs and a hole cut out on top
I keep her comb in here

Now for some things I made

this is a clay plate and clay kiss cookies I made and may be selling on etsy

this is a clay cup I made that she can actually hold the cup on her thumb

I also made this little bowl out of clay and haven't made any food for it yet

the last thing I made is her nightgown it is pieces of fabric hot-glued together

well I hope you enjoyed reading this please feel free to share any photos with me you can send them to my e-mail: thanks for reading!

You're never to old for something you love.

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