Monday, October 1, 2012


today I will be showing you three of my american girl costumes and 4 of my barbie costumes

I'll start with the barbie costumes

 we will start with barbie dressed as dorothy: she is holding a jack-o-lantern that I made with clay it was originally made for my american girl dolls but it was to small.This barbie I got at a garage sale and she might be in a parody soon!

 next is my witch barbie: I got her in 2010 for my birthday my best friend got her for me and she is really cute! :)

 next is my Katniss doll: ok technically she is not a Katniss doll she is my wizards of waverly place Alex doll.after reading the first book I decided I wanted a Katniss doll.I may or may not buy the real Katniss doll.she is wearing a ken jacket and some camouflage pants that I found I also put her hair in a side braid and that was kind of hard. I'm really proud of how she turned out. :)

the last barbie costume is kelly dressed as a mermaid: Kelly is barbie's ORIGINAL little sister.The reason the original is all in caps is now her little sister is chelsea I always ask: What happened to Kelly? Anyway kelly is dressed in a mermaid costume that I have had since I don't know when.

 Now for the american girl costumes
 ( I have 8 dolls but only three costumes done)

 We will start with Nellie: She is dressed as a pumpkin I got the costume from my grandma it is actually a cabbage patch kid costume but it looks cuter on Nellie!I choose Nellie for the pumpkin costume for her red hair.

 Here is a comparison of Nellie and a pumpkin ermagerd twins!

 Now for Lindsey as a vampire: She has a black felt cape, a red heart dress, a bat mask, and vampire fangs.I got the idea for the costume from the doll party book from american girl that's were I got the bat mask and I added fangs for the extra effect.
here is a close-up of her mask and fangs

And the final costume of the day Samantha: can you guess what Sam is dressed as? If you guessed candy corn then you are right! I got the idea when I was trying to think up costumes for my dolls and thought how I have a yellow dress an orange skirt and a plain white T-shirt!

here is a comparison picture of the costume I got the cartoon looking candy corn when I edited the picture on picmonkey they look so similar.
Thanks for reading and have a great October!  

You're never to old for something you love.

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