Sunday, August 5, 2012

why I love dolls

Hello Haydocutie here this is an explanation of why I love my dolls.

 I think it started because my grandma collects dolls. my fave is her barbie dolls they are so unique. I remember when me and my two older sisters would sleepover at her house, one time she let us each pick out a doll for us to have.

 but my real love for dolls starts with american girl dolls. I got my first american girl doll when I was six I mostly wanted one because my two older sisters both had one I now have my oldest sister's doll samantha and I now have eight american girl dolls.

 I've always really loved playing with dolls especially with my older sister we would always make up a complicated story line with backstories for the characters it was so much fun.

I believe that dolls are a way to express yourself  they can have a story you create and be anybody you want them to be.
I love dolls because they are a way to be yourself and create a world unlike your own.

You're never to old for something you love.

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