Tuesday, August 14, 2012

quadruple bunk bed

how I made an old shoe rack
into an american girl quadruple bunk bed
please note: I made this with my grandma remember to always get a parents permission if you decide to do something like this.

I actually didn't plan on making a bunk bed like this my mom sells stuff on ebay and this was something she was going to sell I saw it and told my parents it would make a good doll bed then my dad said I should actually make it they gave it to me and my grandma helped me with the sewing 

first we made the bottom of the beds
they are pretty thin but have a little cushion so the dolls have something to lay on
then we made the sheets
we folded it in kind of a weird way but that's the way we liked it
and we made them so they could hang of the edge (the edge's are a bit raised up)
then we made pillows
and there are also ruffles 
my grandma came up with the idea for ruffles on the bed and she also made all of them I would have helped but I'm still new at sewing so I let her do it

when the ruffles were done I cut slits in the corners
so they could fit more easily
and that's pretty much it and if you do decide to make this please post pictures I would love to see it! sweet dreams

You're never to old for something you love

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