Sunday, June 9, 2013

Maudalynne doll review

                        Since I didn't make a video review about Maudalynne I decided to write one.
Here is Maudalynne looking cute as ever!

Maudalynne is part of the Tonner Toys collection.
I got Maudalynne at a doll fair she was cheaper than if I would have gotten her online and she was a great find.
                                                 This is how she was positioned in the box.

                                              Sadly that left her with a red mark on her arm.

 On the back of the box it said her style was modern victorian and I think these gloves go perfect with the outfit and the style.

                              I also love this black satin bow at the top of her dress it's super cute!

                       I am in LOVE with her eyes they are very beautiful and very violet.

                                             Here is a close up of her face…ADORABLE!

                                         She also has a maroon headband to match her dress.

                       I noticed she has this very beautiful lace trim on the bottom of her dress,

                                                                     her sleeves,

                                           and this thing (sorry I don't know what it's called).

                                               She has a navy blue ribbon around her waist.

                                                           And navy blue tights.

                                              She also has some adorable rubber mary janes.

                            If you lift her bangs you will see some sad eyebrows but she's still cute!

                                                          And she has long black hair.

After the doll fair I went to Cracker Barrel and found this cute black cat and now it is her pet.

                                                     I think their eyes look a lot alike.

                                   All in all I really like Maudalynne and I'm really glad I bought her.

                                            That's it for my review thanks for reading!

You're never to old for something you love.

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