Saturday, February 16, 2013

doll rescue : Maria to Dakota

                               Here is my newest doll rescue: springfield collection Maria.

First of all sorry I haven't posted in a while I was on vacation and got busy making videos on youtube.
Second of all today I was at goodwill and found springfield doll maria! (when I saw the hair I thought she might be american girl but maria is cute too)

the first thing I thought after I bought her… SANATIZE so here is what I did.

first I did her hair (I used fabric softener and water in a spray bottle to de-tangle)

                then I sanatized her arms, legs, and face.

                         Ta-da! a new doll I re-named her Dakota (it means friend)

My other springfield doll , Jessica, is super excited to have another springfield doll in the house.

I might change my mind on Dakota and call her speaking rain (from Kaya's books)\
I hope you enjoyed this little doll remake thanks for reading! :)

You're never to old for something you love.

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