Sunday, September 23, 2012

DIY sock dress

this craft is simple and fun if you love making clothes for your 18" inch doll check this out

 you will need:

 an old (stretchy) knee high sock, a pair of scissors, and if you are younger get a parents permission

first make two circular cuts under the cuff on either side of the sock about an inch wide
they should look like this

next slip the sock on your doll CAREFULLY (do not cut the bottom of the sock yet just slip it on with feet first)
then decide how long you want the dress and make a small cut (I already made a dress so I will be making a shirt in the rest of the photos)
then slip off the dress and finish cutting were you put the first cut (don't worry if it looks small off of the doll it will stretch)
now you have a cute dress/shirt for your doll! thanks for reading!

You're never to old for something you love.

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